This site’s informational fact-based content presents how one can move one’s secured God-endowed rights when it is necessary to access natural-law-based justice from the present court system in the State of Michigan body-corporate governmental association, which is likely very similar to the courts in other such States. Our “History Section B” found on the sidebar of this site presents the difference between the State of Michigan and Michigan (the State in the Union), both established as a public Trust but that function under a different form of law. People in the States of the Union interact together under the Public Law, meaning the unwritten natural law of conscience. All State bodies corporate are franchises of the commerce-based federal Trust that functions under the laws of commerce that we term Private Law, meaning written rules of conduct established by a body of persons to which all people who associate in that Trust are subject. Our focus is on state-level courts, but the content applies to federal-level courts too. “Remedeemer” (pronounced: rem e deem' er) is the combination of “rem”, a legal term that means a court action about or against 'the thing' within the commerce-based Trust, and “redeemer” as one who lawfully establishes one's own right to be free from subjugation to a court process that was begun from someone's presumption that one acts via a legal persona pertaining to the thing. As the host of this site, I especially welcome you Readers who are beginning to explore how to protect your God-endowed rights now that you’re realizing what you thought were your fundamental rights are instead being treated as mere social privileges by governors and per rulings made by court officers. All Readers are encouraged to view the new file found on the sidebar, titled: Timeline of the two governmental Trust associations. It provides the date-specific historic events that established our original and still-functioning governmental Trust (beginning with the 1776 Declaration of Independence) merged with our exposure of the events that gave rise to our form of government and what has caused foreign persons and entities since then to establish the separate commerce-based federal Trust structure. Along with others, the host of this website operates Michigan's updated original (c.1835) republican form of civilian government, based from New Buffalo township, Michigan. That informational website is ministryofnewbuffalotownship.org

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The current court system is established to serve a specific status of people, but court officials must also serve those of us who do not operate that status – Part Two: Historic proof that the American peoples’ authority operates “the Government”

This Part of our site’s primary post presents that officers who proclaim themselves as the authorities within “the government” administering “the law”, are in-fact acting in breach of the original structure of American government that protects peoples’ fundamental rights. Many office-holders may not realize it. But they must take notice when we provide them with our societal status / capacity as the people who are not governed by them. In fact it is we who govern their function, meaning their lawful function. 

Most of the American people erroneously believe that their rights come from The Constitution of the United States. People even refer to their “constitutional rights”. Many people are angry about their rights being unconstitutionally taken or oppressed by governors and mayors per those officers’ policing policies concerning the COVID-19 virus situation. People reference the rights listed in the Bill of Rights, which is a part of that Constitution when it was ratified in 1789. But what people don’t realize is that only some of those rights pertain to them, as allowable rights, because they lack the knowledge about why that is so. The reason for the confusion is that people aren’t utilizing their own authority to self-govern their private property, which consists of their God-created physical body, ability to reason, verbal and written expressions, use of land as a home or to pursue trade with other people, and their movement of body and physical possessions via their private automobile or other private conveyance. The regulation of such peoples’ property is instead per the authority that people mostly unknowingly grant to legislators, governors and the courts’ presiding officers. 

Several generations of Americans have lacked knowledge about the true history of our unique form of intentional government –- “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people” (as famously spoken by President Abraham Lincoln in his enduring speech given at Gettysburg). Those three social positions that people should themselves be diligently occupying are the three positions that pertain to a Trust. A Trust is a binding arrangement established by a Trustor, who can also be called a Settlor or Grantor, who authorizes a Trustee to act for the Trustor in regard to a benefit –- being something that belongs to the Trustor –- that the Trustor desires the Trustee to provide to a designated Beneficiary in accordance with the Trustor’s directions. In the American form of government, each of the people occupies the position of Grantor of his/her own authority originating from the Creator, who creates everyone with endowed ability to form free-will choices based on observation, inquiry, discussion and reason. That is what government “of the people” means. Each of the people can also occupy the position of Trustee, or servant who performs a duty delegated by the people. That is what “by the people” means. And in our “Republican” form of government, the same people are also the Beneficiaries of this societal Trust. The object or benefit of the Trust is expressed within our founding Trust document, the 1776 Declaration of Independence –- the mutual securing of certain God-endowed unalienable “Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. The Bill of Rights, being the ten Amendments included in the federal Constitution, state these rights in more detail. But the final two Amendments secure the rights retained by the people that are not specifically enumerated in the first eight Amendments, and also secure the people’s reserved power to take action to prevent the destruction of the original intent of the governmental Trust. These final two Amendments directly link to the Declaration of Independence and the primary principle enshrined there, as expressed by John Quincy Adams [son of signer John Adams] in his July 4th 1821 address commemorating the 45th anniversary of the signing of that Declaration as the delegates’ first act of sovereignty on behalf of the people of the free and independent states: “In the theories of the crown and mitre [Pope], man had no rights … Neither the body nor the soul of the individual was his own”, and he contrasted that with the premise of the Declaration, being “the self-evident principle that man has a right to the exercise of his own reason.” The original states organized their governments, all in republican / ministerial forms, all on the principles of the Declaration. They then formed a confederation pertaining to interrelations between the States from the premise of pertetual friendship, and a Federal Government per the federal constitution that would provide the Union of States with certain services as the international operation of the organic governmental Trust structure. 

We hosts of this site offer the documented evidence proving that the Congress recognizes that the four founding documents (Decl of Indep, Articles of Confederation, Northwest Ordinance, and federal Constitution) are sequential Laws, termed by the Congress as: “The Organic Laws of the United States of America”. Our readers who desire to obtain this historic proof may email us for a copy (see our Introduction for that contact information). The fact of the Congress’s term for those Laws can be found online as the front matter of the United States Code. All of these Laws are current, none having ever been repealed. The federal constitution was a needful amendment to the Articles of Confederation, so that the Congress could function without constant amendments being made to the AoC. 

The breach of this structured government occurred due to the secretive infiltration by foreign bankers, whose activities included fomenting the Civil War and preventing civilian governments from being reconstructed by the American people afterward. The bankers gained a lasting foothold of behind-the-scenes control over the people when the Congress passed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. During the Great Depression, which the bankers caused in order to begin instituting a socialist / communist form of government, the bankers’ first move was to entice the people into accepting guardianship benefits. The post Civil War Congress –- being not the American peoples’ Congress –- passed the 1921 Maternity Act that would provide prenatal care to poor women. That was the first venture of the banker-controlled Federal Government into social security legislation in conjunction with banker-controlled State-level departments of health to advise how to use the funding. Notice that the health departments are this day still exerting governing powers over people. The 1935 Banking Act amended the Federal Reserve Act, establishing the Federal Reserve System, being in every respect a new governmental Trust. The 14th Amendment to the federal constitution was utilized by the bankers as the basis of that socialist Trust. Their banking scheme would entice people into energizing the commerce-based capacity of a ‘member bank’ per an individual Trust account established for that purpose. The bankers financially benefited and the scheme produced the funding of their socialist form of government with the aid of legislators acting as the participating peoples’ law-makers. The court system was designed to control the process of energy-confiscation. Beginning back in 1851, the bankers’ stealth-control of the Congress caused passage of the Limited Liability Act, bringing the rules of Admiralty Law onto the land as Maritime Law, revised in 1884 to include that a corporation is a natural person via the 14th Amendment; the court system typically operates Maritime Law codes instituted as administrative process. Per the bankers’ secular Birth registration scheme creating the necessary individual Trust accounts, people have been enticed into moving their energy from the status of one who operates a corporation; peoples’ use of banker-controlled Federal Reserve Notes causes people to become “subject to the jurisdiction of the United States” (as stated in the 14th Amendment). The legal problem for the bankers with this scheme’s operation is that the Fed Act’s Section 16 secures the sovereign people’s right of choosing to be redeemed from central banking, thereby being NOT subject to a commerce-based governmental jurisdiction (such as the STATE OF MICHIGAN, for instance) and conjunctive energy-policing jurisdiction (the State of Michigan). In Part Three of this initial post, we present more details about United States Notes as the “lawful money” referenced in Section 16 of the Fed Act. 

The full significance of the Federal Reserve Act and System can be best comprehended from the synopsis of pertinent history that we offer to those of you Readers who are serious about living as one of the sovereign people and performing your governmental duty where you live. Our synopsis details the critical distinction between Michigan (for example) and the State of Michigan and the STATE OF MICHIGAN. Email us for obtaining receipt of that, and tell us a little about you. 

When one acts as a State National (of Michigan, for instance), the entire Bill of Rights and the preceding Organic Laws protect one’s private interests. When one also operates a civilian government, the duty of the federal Commander-in-Chief of the military is activated to cause protection of that government in accordance with the founding Trust structure. Such an officer currently occupies that honorable role, and he is also acting to end the breach of the founding Trust structure being committed by officers within the federal government. We sovereign people are ending the breach at the State of State level. Officers of the State of Michigan (for instance) ought to be only acting to protect us State Nationals from the unscrupulous desires of officers of interstate corporations, and to regulate the conduct of civil servants and of those people who are not conducting themselves in accordance with the republican form of government and the Laws of Nature’s God.

UPDATE: Our History Sections A and B can now be accessed from the sidebar.

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