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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

“Democracy is on fire” says the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates, who vow to extinguish the Fire: the election integrity rules being passed by uppity state Legislatures


This post provides our Readers –- whether associated as the Michigan government-body or as participants in the State of Michigan body corporate –- confirmation of our assertion (made in previous posts here) that the American Bar Association is a military body established by international self-appointed Elitists who desire to govern the American people as their chattel property. This article https://www.abajournal.com/news/article/ABA-vows-to-fight-challenges-to-free-and-fair-elections published February 14, presents the ABA House of Delegates’ admission of the fact that its members are duty-bound to fight to protect the ability for state election officials to continue utilizing election fraud to keep the Elitists’ chosen bureaucrats in office. The House of Delegates have approved their Resolution 800 as the means to fight to protect their democratic process [read that as: the ruling over the many by a few chosen marxists]. 

Bar members know that people who choose to associate in a State within the Federal Reserve System, such as the State of Michigan (that sells commerce-based governing services) do so by contracting with the Executive division; a body corporate operates per a top-down governing structure. While the common people elect persons to govern them, the Legislature is only supposed to create laws that control the internal movement of human energy (energy of people as worker-bees) for the benefit of the Elitists. In every Legislature there are many Bar members, who write the laws for that purpose. So the laws that pertain to elections being proposed by legislators who are either not Bar members or who are members not adhering to the Bar’s function can challenge the top-down power structure, and even strip the Executive division [read that as: that represents the Elitists] of its control over human-energy. 

Legislatures have begun passing election integrity laws that empower the people to prevent election fraud from occurring. This article lists the specific types of laws. The ABA's Resolution 800 provides the policy platform per which ABA members can lobby legislatures to prevent them from undermining the power of the Elitists to be able to cast votes for the voters by whatever means is necessary to ensure that the right bureaucrats get elected.

This article presents that the Bar member who introduced Resolution 800, Lucy Thomson, sounded the internal fire alarm by telling the ABA’s House of Delegates that the new laws interfere with the administration of elections [read that as: administered by agents of the Elitists] by “fundamentally altering how elections are conducted” [by the Elitists] and that ensuring “free” elections [read the definition of 'free' as: the unrestrained use of election fraud] has been an issue important to the ABA for 30 years. Thirty years! One wonders, has election fraud been occurring for that long?

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